1. Phytomer skin care basics:

Is the basic skin care for face is designed to maintain optimum skin health. Starting from the cleaning step by step skin & ended up mask.

2. Phytomer skin depth:

Therapy professional skin care for face: high efficiency, attention to dry skin condition, dehydration. The therapy combines the nutrients from natural seaweed improved moisture & gives skin a healthy

3. Phytomer skin care power:

Does intensive skin care for skin conditions of different issues, through the power of Phytomer products include high Serum levels of natural nutrients & active ingredients specially formulated for the high indeed great.

4. Phytomer skin care sensitive:

Therapy professional skin care for face: highly effective, skin care sensitive condition, irritated. The therapy combines the nutrients from natural seaweed, sea water purity improves, reduce irritation & provide a healthy skin.

5. Phytomer skin aging recovery:

Therapy professional care for aging skin. As one of the strengths of Phytomer cosmetic line. Helps maintain healthy skin, aging skin, increase moisture to the skin, restore skin discoloration. Improve wrinkles, skin tone light and smooth. That is effective after just 1 treatment. And rejuvenate your skin after only 8 years 1 month treatment ...

6. Raising The Instant Phytomer:

Skin care therapy, especially for aging skin, less toned. With the magical combination between the precious nutrients from the sea, and relaxation techniques unique only in Phytomer, therapy brings smooth skin vibrant, glowing skin firming body after a sessions.

7. Phytomer skin acne:

Therapy professional skin care for face: high efficiency, attention to skin condition and lubricants, skin & acne skin mixture. The therapy combines the nutrients from natural seaweed, herbs to improve coastal and prevent shine, acne & bring a healthy skin.

8. Phytomer eye care:

Intensive care therapy for the eye area. The therapy combines the algae and nutrients from natural herbs help improve the condition of the eye dark circles, reduce puffiness and eye wrinkles fat.

9. Phytomer Skin Brightening:

Unique white skin therapy from the inside gives skin smooth, white light & fresh. The secret white skin from the ocean Lyly flower with many rare species of algae, combined with relaxation techniques, massage therapy Phytomer

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