Mud bathing

The first mud bathing service in Hanoi has been offered by ASEAN Resort & Spa. Mineral mud in ASEAN Resort & Spa is a natural mud granted to human by the nature, which comprises of organic, inorganic and carbonated substances. Mineral mud has a yellow color, aromatic odor, acidic property, water absorption ability causing high skin irritation due to salts and other substances in mineral mud, such as NaCl, CO2, H2O…

To have a mud bath, first you must have a clean, warm mineral water shower, then you will dip yourself in mud basin. It is interesting to have your body relaxed in smooth, fine mud and you will be amazed at how your body is floating in this mud layer, and after 15 minutes, your skin will become more lively as minerals have penetrated into the skin, rejuvenating it and regenerating a layer of erythrocyte in the body. A person having a mud bath will have his body skin penetrated and absorbed an amount of salts and other minerals, generating the ability to prevent from body infections, giving antiseptic effect; additionally, having a mud bad will stimulate nerve cells in the skin, then spread to centers below the brain and cerebral cortex, causing a full-body reaction.

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